3/8x12/12 Pet Memorial for Dog, Cat, laser-engraved on granite.
3/8x12/12 Pet Memorial for Dog, Cat, laser-engraved on granite.

3/8x12/12 Pet Memorial for Dog, Cat, laser-engraved on granite.

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A 3/8x12x12 stone memorial marker we call the Blu-Z Boy is laser engraved on granite stone. $89.00 includes free shipping:

Your Dog/Pet 's picture on this personalized memorial:

This is a 3/8x12x12 inch high quality granite head stone made in the USA to honor your dear family member. It will be laser engraved for excellent resolution. You will send us your pet's picture and information. We will then send you a preview before engraving. Once you are happy with the layout, we will engrave it, then carefully pack it and ship it by insured mail, so you can rest assured it will arrive home safely. 

We will customize your memorial your way. During checkout, please send us a message with your Pet's name and dates, (message is optional), then choose your accent and font with any special request or instruction (if any). We will contact you with an email address where you can send the picture of your best friend.

Please remember the picture should be high quality to obtain great results. We will photoshop the picture and do the cropping and background erasing, etc. and correct some light issues to enhance your picture.

Just to recap, at checkout send us a message like this:

Charlie  Oct 1996 to  April 2014

font #2(choose fonts that match personality of pet)

message(optional): Dear and Loyal friend,
 The love and happiness you gave us will not be forgotten.

accent: #1 and #2 (Example: a heart or a bone. This is also optional and included in price.)

The Picture must be sent by email so we receive it with better resolution.

If you don't have a picture, we can do only text and some other accents. But  if you have a special request or have large quantities, or for any other questions, feel free to contact us, so we are aware of your needs. Please send us a message and we will work together with you to make your idea come true.
Thank you,
Lisa Blu and Crew